How to sell your metal With us


Step 1: Where to Go

  • Once you pull into our main gate, a facility attendant will provide you with a scrap deposit form to fill out with your information. 
  • NC State Law requires all customers to provide a valid photo ID at time of service. Passports may NOT be accepted. 

Depending on what type of items you are bringing in, 

you will be guided to one of three places:

  • Deposit bins (for large items/quantity)
  • Loading dock (smaller items/quantity).
  • Aluminum Can Area


Step 2: What to Do

  • Once you have filled out the scrap metal deposit form and know where to place your items, you will then unload the metal contents from your vehicle so that they can be weighed.
  • After unloading is finished, a facility attendant will collect your form and fill in the weight specifics for your items. 
  • To get the most money for your items, you may want to spend time separating different metals from one another and grouping like items together. Each type of metal will yield a different price (Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Batteries)


Step 3: Getting Paid

  • After your items have been unloaded and processed, the facility attendant will return your scrap deposit form with the weights filled in on the back side. 
  • At that point, you will take your form to the Pay window, located inside the building to receive your Cash or Check. 
  • Again, please make sure to bring a valid state issued photo ID